Luigi Botticella

I was born in 1964 in Chivasso (Turin). Till I was a little child, I've always shown a good ear for music, and when I was just eight years old I was choosen, from my primary school teacher, as solo voice in the chorus of the school. My parents didn't really appreciate my love for music and never encouraged me to go on and study music; they have noticed in me another talent: design. Actually as time goes by I realized that it was easy for me to design free hand, but in spite of those that encouraged me, I've never increased the argument, remaining like today a self-taught person.

My turning point happened in 1980, when after having resigned from a seasonal work as help of a help of a lifeguard, to go and listen to Kiss's concert live to the Palasport in Genoa, at that time accompanied from a band that opened their concert, called Iron Maiden.

What a performance!!!

After that day, with three of my best friends, full of enthusiasm and also if I wasn't able to play any instrument, we decided for this band:

Gilberto Caria guitar

Stefano Azaro bass

Andrea Costanzo drums

and me at the voice.

I can still remember how hard it was for me to find the lyrics of the songs from Kiss and Black Sabbath, at that time there was no internet and it wasn't easy to find the one I was interested in and that as usual weren't on the cds I bought.

On april 1983 I left for army, and the band, that at that time was still without a name, went on without me (I'm not so sure), in fact when I was back the songs were the same we played before I left. ...Going back to the army period. My leaving for army was so quiet and lighthearted (maybe 'cause I hadn't a girlfriend at that time) that I arrived in late at the barracks of the Alpins in Cuneo (you can't believe it, but I arrived there after midnight when everybody was sleeping, and also the guard took his time before let me in, maybe he was sleeping too) and still with my long hair as a real singer of a metal band!!! I was able to pass my first day in the army with all my hair on my head, in change of a day of punishment. After a few days, three alpins dressed with their uniforms, during the general muster of the morning, proposed to the once that felt like doing it, to partecipate to the selections to become part of the Alpins's chorus. I didn't think on it twice and thanks to what my primary's teacher had teached to me (that I want to remember, she was Ms.Rosanna Actis) I was selected as baritone between about a hundred candidates that tried the selections.

...maybe I don't need to tell it, but the experience in the Chorus of the Brigata Alpina Taurinense, has been on of the best things ever happened in my life.

After going on leave, in march 1984, I found myself again with my band, but after a while, having seen the poor commitment, or maybe 'cause I was touched from my live performances with the Chorus, the band broke up, I found a work in a small industry, and I waited till the first months of 1985, when during an evening, my friend Andrea Costanzo told me "my brother Pino has asked me if I want to play drums with him, if you want you can try to come woth us,... he has told me he needs a bass player...", I had no idea on how to grasp an electric bass guitar, but I said yes. "Ok! But tell him I need an instrument for the audition,... tell him something." I took some time to study a couple of songs for the audition, but I only had a little problem. What can I use to do some exercise? Idea!!! With the old Agatino PAtanč, the guitar from Neaple that my father had in tha cantine. I thought "I only need to play the first four strings... and I'm ok." After two days of intense exercises, my father took the guitar and broke it on my head, the third day I was in the ex "Cinema Cantero" in Lavagna playing "Runnin' with the devil" and "You really got me" from Van Halen.

Rattle Rattle were born.



Bass guitars................. Washburn B-30 Force ABT                                     foto
" Fender Jazz Bass - Made in U.S.A.                        foto
" Fender Jazz Bass V deluxe - Made in U.S.A.         foto
Amplifier ................... Marshall series 7200 combos                                 foto
Band........................... Dream Theater
Singer ........................ Ronnie James Dio
Musician..................... John Myung - bass player from Dream Theater
Film............................ "Alien" - direct da Ridley Scott in 1979
Actor.......................... Arnold Schwarzenegger
Vinil........................... Exit...stage left (double live of 1981 from "Rush")
Hobby........................ Photos - Computer graphics - Strategy pc games -Modellism - Home Theater



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