Tecnical Card

Rattle Rattle perform in public with 3 different ever-growing repertories:

  • with own songs in italian;

  • as cover band, playing the songs of the most important English and American bands;

  • as Tribute Band to Van Halen and David Lee Roth.

Musical genre: Rock

Roma 1995

Members: 5
Instrumentation: 2  Guitars
1  Bass
2  Keyboards
1  Drum
Minimal amplification being necessary on stage: Monitors:   6 (in outside) - 2 (in inside)

Roma 1995

Amplifiers:   2  for guitars
  1  for bass guitar
Microphones: 10/12  for amplification
  3  for the voices
Mixer:   1  for external sound
  1  on stage (if possible)
Minimal required power: * 1000 Watt (indoor) - 5000 Watt (outdoor)

* Because of the musicale genre, it isn't advisable to use a lower power (obviously we're talking about RMS watts), because under the aforesaid power it's not assured a good harmonic distortion at low frequencies and a satisfying sound "impact".

Besides the personal instruments, however, we can supply all or a part of the necessary amplification, fixing form time to time the attendance fee (for our transport and setup expenses).

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