What we feel during a live performance, is really indescribable, even if it may sound strange, playing live is always something new. Being a personal and momentary feeling, the only way to recapture it later on is... watching our videos. We want to thank our friends and relatives, that usually film our concerts. Thanks to them we have a good clip collection and ... believe us... watching oneself again and again, many years after, is really moving...

This page has been created for three main reasons: first of all, we want to give our fans the possibility of seeing our concerts again ... and remember some moments of the last evening we spent together; the second reason is to let anyone visiting this site know how we play (and maybe You'll come to listen to our next concert) and, last but not least, we hope to give an equally pleasant emotion to all the people who have contributed to the takes.

Title Demo version Integral version Where and when Description Take video Assembly
Eruption no

5.69 Mb


Lucca - Arena della Musica - 12/08/2004 Tribute to Van Halen & David Lee Roth Cristina, Daniela, Elena e Alessandro Luigi Botticella
You really got me no

9.51 Mb


" " " "
Drop dead legs

3.58 Mb


13.30 Mb


" " " "
Hot for teacher

3.62 Mb


15.10 Mb


" " " "
Panama no

12.50 Mb


" " " "
California girls

3.17 Mb


8.75 Mb


" " " "
I'm easy no

8.04 Mb


" " " "

4.21 Mb


15.20 Mb


" " " "
Atomic punk 3.14 Mb 1:00min. 10.10 Mb 3:13min. " " " "
Girl gone bad 2.64 Mb 0:50min. 15.00 Mb 4:45min. " " " "
Ice cream man 3.13 Mb 1:00min. 11.60 Mb 3:44min. " " " "
Yankee rose 3.20 Mb 1:01min. 12.50 Mb 4:00min. " " " "

Panama 3.22 Mb 1:01min. 11.80 Mb 3:45min. A "L'Acchiappasogni" di Zoagli (GE) il 30/05/2003 Cover to Van Halen dall'Album "1984" Cristina Gugliotta e Roberto Pittari Luigi Botticella

Immagine 2.20  Mb 0:42min. 13.10 Mb 4:14min. Genzano (Roma) il 02/09/1995 Brano originale Rai3 Rai3

Missing your love 3.14 Mb 1:00min. 12.40 Mb 3:58min. Chiavari (GE) il 11/05/1999 Cover "unplugged" di Jonny Lang Entella TV Entella TV


If you don't have a fast internet connection, right-click on the video title and download it by choosing "Save as" from the pop-up menu. So you can see the video when the download is completed or later on, as you like.

For each video you'll find both the full version and the clip version (for a faster download)
Enjoy it!


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