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This is the cover of " Immagine " our first Demo CD autoproduct. Perhaps he can seem incredible, but those children we are just, when we were still of the unweaneds. Draft naturally of a photomontage realized from Luigi Botticella, the bassman of the group, that it has recovered and elaborated various photos taken from our parents 30-40 years ago.

Tried to click on the inserted sensitive areas in the photo.



The CD contains the beautifuls songs realizes you from 1993 to 2000.

The instrumentation used for the recording of the older pieces, was totally analogic and comprised a recorder to coils TASCAM TSR-8 and mixer a FOSTEX with 24 in and 8 out. A pair of songs has been then resumed and records to you in digital them in the summer of 2000, during the recording of "Parole".

For hour you can try to unload or to listen a preview of the songs evidences to you, in format mp3, from the directory here under.


N°. Title


of unload or listen they to master of origin


If your logon is not enough fast, we advise you to unload the demo clicking with the right key of the mouse on the connection or on the icon of the mixer, to choose "save object with name". To the term of "download" you will be able to choose if to open endured the rows audio in order to listen to it or to close the dialogue window and to listen it in a successive moment.

1. Vivi!

2,11 Mb

4:36 1:18 3:36 digital
2. Immagine

2,34 Mb

6:19 2:33 4:20 digital
3. Un'altra volta


6:08       analogic
4. Parole

2,01 Mb 

5:28 1:52 4:04 digital
5. Nuvole


3:35       analogic
6. Chissą se un giorno ...

2,13 Mb

5:13 1:06 3:26 analogic
7. Lo so!


4:01       analogic
8. Tu non ci sei


4:49       analogic
9. Bella mia

1,68 Mb

1:50 0:00 1:50 analogic

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N.B.: The songs have been intentionally brought back partially in order not to weight down the times of unloading too much, if wished to receive an integral copy of or more songs, you can free demand it via the following email to address: you are soon contacts you for the confirmation.


Versione Italiana

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