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RattleRattle were born in Sestri Levante (GE) in 1985 from the ashes of the "well-known" Rock Band "Urlo", which emerged in the late 70s hard rock scene (many of us still remember them at the "Festival Rock" in 1980). At the beginning Rattle Rattle members were: Sergio Podestà - Vocal, Pino Costanzo - Guitar, Luigi Botticella - Bass guitar, Andrea Costanzo - Drums.  The band played above all songs of the most important English and American hard rock bands, such as Black Sabbath to Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Van Halen, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Rush and so on, and was appreciated for live performances.

In 1988,with the arrival of a new singer, Mauro Fuggetta, the band continued playing "good old hard rock", but also began with a new artistic approach, writing own songs and trying to have a less outmoded sound, in comparison with the musical trends of that period. Rattle's songs and live performances were reviewed by many newspapers and above all by the two most important specialised magazines: Heavy Metal (n° 70 - 89 in 1990) and Metal Shocks (n° 53, 66/67 - 103 in 1990 and 1991 respectively).

At the end of 1991 the band went through a crisis, but got over it in a short time: in 1992 Angelo Minoli, a witty poly-instrumentalist and above all a guitar player and a good singer, entered the band.

In 1994 , Andrea Costanzo , after a long time spent playing with a blues band too ( Hot Bibins ), decided to leave, but in a few weeks' time another good drummer (Massimo Bertoldi) took his place.

In 1995 a talented guitarist Andrea Cord́ began playing with RattleRattle.

At the end of 2000, after the studio recording of "Parole", the guitarist Pino Costanzo decided to give up playing his Fender guitar... but he's still cooperating with us, writing lyrics and taking good photos too...

After the last in television recording (April 2009) Paolo, for personal reasons related to study and her work, he has difficulty to keep up with the rest of the Band, that pushed us to replace him temporarily with another boy, younger, with less experienced live, but very promising: Emanuele Rivara. His entry into the Band was not painless ... he had to learn quickly much of our repertoire before the summer (to meet our commitments). At the same time we continued an experiment begun with Paolo, offer the public some covers of Deep Purple and Dream Theater. After some time we understand what other tribute could be proposed together with the one dedicated to Van Halen ...on the 23rd of december the debut at Muddy Waters in Calvari of the show called "Deep Rattle ...Rattle in Japan", an entire tribute dedicated to the Live that in 1972 has consecrated Deep Purple.

Nowadays the band is made up of the following five musicians:

Angelo Minoli - voice and guitar


Luigi Botticella - bass


Andrea Cord́ - guitar


Emanuele Rivara - drums


Nicola Rossi - keyboards

        The band has obtained yet flattering appreciations from specialized critics and from the public, from the Alps to Sicily (literally), besides the band has taken part in many national competitions and important concerts, that are listed below:

  • two consecutive placings as finalists in the prestigious “Yamaha Music Quest”, in the two last editions that took place in Milan in 1993 and 1994, ;

  •  two apparitions on the state Tv during the very famous Festival degli sconosciuti, conducted by Teddy Reno and Rita Pavone, which took place in Rome, has been trasmitted in 1994 on Rai2 and in 1995 on Rai3 (see reviews);

  • Two times in Sestri Levante (GE), as special guest of world-famous bands: NOMADI on the 28th of June 1996 and PFM on the 06th of August 1999.

  • Finalists (winners for the public with more than a hundred votes, but not for the jury that chose the last band, which polled about 30 votes, see review/article) at the regional final of "EMERGENZA" in Genoa on the 14th of May 2004.

  • Live concerts as Tribute Band to Van Halen & David Lee Roth at Lucca on the 12th of August 2004 and on the 6th of August 2005 in the Music Arena for the " National Tribute Band Festival" (see the articles).

  • Partecipation in the national selection of the "i-Tim Tour 2004" on the 3rd of September 2004 in Piazza Castello "Castle square", Turin.

  • several passages in radio, between what we want to remember, 11 October 2005, No. 71 broadcast of "The Jeans generation - Radio Show" at Tuzla in Bosnia & Herzegowina (see here or download mp3);

  • participation in Germany as the only italian band at Tribute to the "Masters of Rock" festival, showing with success abroad, our Tribute to Van Halen & DLR, 24 May 2006 in Reichenbach an der Fils - Die Halle and 26 May 2006 in Tannhausen im Rahmen. (see review/articles).

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